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The Antequera Golf Group is present yesterday at the World Travel Market (WTM) in London, the most important international fair of tourism from England and held from 2 to 5 November. This year the resort has gone into the Turismo Andaluz stand, where catering to visitors from around the world to inform them about new features and major attractions of the destination.


Last Thursday, October 31, hundreds of children and parents enjoyed a "dark" Late Night clubs Antequera f. 18.00 A party began that has become a favorite for kids Trick or Treat?, An afternoon of witch in no small missed detail and it became his favorite horror characters. Ghosts, zombies, mummies, skeletons and literary figures like Count Dracula and Frankenstein were the stars of the evening and entered the contest for best costume, broom dance, musical chairs among many other activities and jokes "scary "enlivened with DJ Spooky Tintin animator.


The disco Antequera radically changed his appearance with dark lighting, cobwebs in every corner, bats and pumpkins got a terrific environment for a magical day.


Following the child session, from 00.00, adolescents and adults to the spooky holiday "Creazy Clowns," a terrifying scene set in accompanied by thousands of surprises where attendees danced until the last hour of the morning they entered .



The Association of Experts on Financial and Trade Law of Andalusia (EXFIMER) with its president at the helm, Paul Franco, held last Friday the traditional gala dinner after the three-day conference held at the Hotel Antequera and each year puts its finale at Hotel Convento La Magdalena.


This time the Antequera Golf Group received a special mention and was presented with a plaque by EXFIMER, thanking the hotel group, in the words of Franco, "a perfect organization by all staff, makes us feel, 400 lawyers at home and where we meet many more years with this Congress. " Rafael Trujillo, the newly appointed director of Antequera hotels and Magdalena, was on hand to collect the award and thanked the attendees present reliance on the facilities and staff of the organization.


Also, the group chief executive Antequera Golf, Ramón Jiménez, Pablo Franco gave a special award for the deal and the confidence for so many years and said that "next year is the tenth anniversary of EXFIMER, an event that will have a greater number of attendees and since we are already preparing with love installations to celebrate a big birthday. "


On Saturday morning this forum of great importance not only in Andalusia but also at the national level was closed.



Antequera attended Celebrate Málaga'13 the wedding fair and celebrations that took place last weekend at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Malaga with the presentation of their new offers "a la carte" for the couple. At the fair the entire sales department attended and communication and marketing of Antequera Group, which reported to the couples concerned about the many opportunities to celebrate their wedding day at the resort.


Up to six locations for celebrations offered Antequera to the hundreds of people who came to the stand, from the Hotel Antequera Golf Course, salons Golf, Hotel Convento La Magdalena, the Hacienda de la Magdalena and restaurant and Benalmádena clubhouse Bil Bil House. A series adapted for the best day of your life is a reality spaces.


Celebrate your wedding in one of the enclaves of Antequera means more benefits for less money. So much so that a price of 40 € per guest, is offered to the tasting menu for six people, bridal suite, massage therapy, anniversary dinner and buggy-limousine for the bride and groom photo shoot. While for guests booking rooms advantages granted with special offers breakfast and SPA circuit, possibility to leave the room until 18.00 the next day or special offer complementary leisure activities such as paddle tennis, paintball or footgolf.


Also, for reservations on Friday or Sunday couples receive a 10 percent discount on the final price of your wedding.


Over 700 football referees have gathered this morning from the XV Update Seminar organized annually by the arbitration group in the Hotel Antequera. These days have been inaugurated with the presence of President of the Andalusian Referee Technical Committee, Felipe Santos and Mayor of Antequera, Manuel Baron.


After the opening has been made ​​delivery of commemorative gifts from the city of Antequera to political and sports authorities who participated in this conference.


The papers of this conference recycling and learning have important personalities like Joaquin Yuste (which will go to the next World Cup in Brazil with the referee Velasco Carballo), the former assistant responsible international women's football in the CTA, Maria Luisa Villa, the young and emerging international referee Jesus Gil Manzano and international referee David Fernández Almeria Borbalán, present Andalusian exponent of arbitration in Europe.


These are the Days of Arbitral Updated octaves that develop consecutively in Antequera, with the collaboration of the Department for Development of Sports City of Antequera and taking a leading role in its organization the Regional Prefectures CTA role in Antequera, with its director José Toro at the helm.


The renowned flamenco artist Manuel Orta, with dancer Ana Pacheco and Group CEO of Antequera, Ramon Jimenez, presented at the Hotel Antequera next concert "25th Anniversary of Manuel Orta", where the artist made ​​a musical journey on the best achievements throughout his 25 years of music. The concert, plus a gala dinner will be held at the Hotel Convento La Magdalena next Friday, August 9, from 21.00.

The same price is 30 euros per person, including dinner and is scheduled to take place in the courtyard of the Hotel Convento La Magdalena.
Ticket and hotel in Antequera Hotel Convento La Magdalena.
Do not miss it!

Ramon Jimenez, turisitico CHARACTER OF THE YEAR

Ramon Jimenez, CEO of Antequera Golf Group, has been awarded the Tourism Person of the Year. The Rural Tourism Awards Malaga have given this award to Jimenez for his career and for the great effort and dedication in driving domestic tourism in the province of Málaga, with the promotion of **** Hotel Antequera, the Hotel Convento La Magdalena ***** and field Antequera Golf.


This personal award is known for being the only one in which the award is judged at the time of his appointment and Ramón Jiménez attended the event without knowing that receive this amazing news. Jiménez, excited, thanked the attendees and Malaga Rural being chosen as a tourist character and emotional words added: "The award is for the city of Antequera, as more and goes further in its tourism promotion through the efforts of the Antequera and is achieving great goals that make the city crossing borders and learn more every day. "


El Torcal de Antequera received the award for best Rincon Tourism, for his promotion to the national level in recent months. The mayor of Antequera, Manuel Baron, with Jorge Alegre, responsible Visitors Center El Torcal, were responsible for receiving this award.


The event took place at the amusement park Tivoli World in Benalmadena, chosen for the Gala IX of the Inland Tourism Awards, which consists of public recognition to the work of institutions and companies stage.


The mayor of BENALMÁDEN, Paloma García, welcomed attendees, including representatives were the Miss Spain Elisabeth Reyes, the director of Top 40 mayors and councilors over thirty municipalities of the province.


The V Fashion Parade Solidarity Partnership with the Antequera mastectomies (YYMM) last Saturday managed to attract a large number of audience Hotel Antequera, where this activity to raise funds for the association and contribute to the maintenance of developed bank wigs.


The a ct, which has proudly worn the slogan "Always: strength, will and courage", c omenzó with intervention presenter Jesús Navarro, and was introduced by the appearance of a short film by Paco León which sought to raise awareness among present with the example of women who have gone this disease. Audiovisual, entitled 'round the tables', caused a great impact on the audience that clapped hard this first emotional event of the night.


The parade that was offered by the association of courageous women who have had breast cancer or who have had mastectomies, this act demonstrating his mettle by overcoming the disease subsequently took place. The members of the association held four fashion shows, which first wore swimsuits, followed by casual wear flamenco dresses, cocktail and finally designs for prom dress.


The event also acted Jenny and Jennifer Juanma Academy Antequera and singer known "Ballad Called" Ismael Carmona, a crowd pleaser with known issues Andalusian couplet.


The collaborating firms were Ortosol Parade Malaga, Clothing Rivera, Isamobel, Patro Flamenca, Amelia Fashion & Beauty, Antequeruela, Amonea, Athena Ceremonies, + Tricks, Carlota Fashion and My Mantilla. The makeup was done by the Center for Esthetic and hairdresser Sonia Melero Berne Galán.


The president of the association, Reme Valencia, made ​​an appearance to surprise everyone with a tailored blanket Brotherhood of Gloria and the Councillor for Citizen Participation, M ª Dolores Gomez, I did the same with one of Brotherhood of Passion both signature "My Mantilla "who runs Censi Sevilla which was applauded by all present.


The parade was attended by the political classes represented in the city mayor Manuel Baron. The president of the group, Reme Valencia, was responsible for closing the event attendance thanking the audience.


The Hotel Antequera has welcomed the conclusion of the Business Meeting organized by Antequera Andalusia Málaga Undertake and AJE Foundation, which was attended by over 80 people and has provided more than one hundred business meetings.

In opening the meeting was attended by Juan Rafael Muñoz, head of area Embark Andalucía, Juan Manuel Rivera, Chief of AJE in Antequera and Malaga AJE president, Javier Noriega Foundation. Both have agreed to highlight the talent and potential of young entrepreneurs and the importance of events like this where business contacts are provided, in this sense, Noriega, stressed that Malaga is the second province in Spain with more entrepreneurial and the importance of young talent in the growth of our business.

First, there has been a talk about the practical application of the law of entrepreneurs in SMEs conducted by Juan Manuel Toro, partner EMEDE ASSOCIATES. Following this workshop, a dynamic networking among attendees was held, in which there were more than a hundred meetings and trade relations and contacts between companies was encouraged.



The Antequera Golf Group has today with a new addition in the direction of its workforce. After a long selection process, Rafael Trujillo, was the person chosen by the board of the hotel group to fill this responsibility.


Trujillo said in his presentation as new director "will excite and motivate new projects and this new career is exciting and challenging. The Antequera Golf Group has a remarkable significance in the hospitality industry as it features two renowned hotels of 4 and 5 stars and a golf course of 18 holes. This is a new era for tourism and, with my new template, we'll keep reinventing and adapting to the needs of tourism today, with the main objective growth in occupancy and number of events in the coming years. "


The new director comes from La Cala de Mijas, where he has been responsible for the direction of events for nearly two years. Previously he worked seven years in the Fuerte Hoteles chain and other hotels in the Costa del Sol are of great importance as Marbella Club, Puente Romano or Kempinski, among others.

Ramon Jimenez, CEO of Antequera Golf Group, said that "the position and responsibility of Rafael Trujillo began in 2014 full of new challenges and high expectations for business event organizers in the top level and what better to start Under new management specializing in the art. "

Note that this year is very significant for the hotel group incorporated as recruitment event for new business sectors and add to your list recognized national and international tour operators who choose the city of Antequera for Andalucia basis.






The Hotel Antequera hosts this Saturday, from early in the morning, the "Fair Business Women of the Province" for their classrooms later become the gateway solidarity "Antequera Fashion & Style" and throughout the day visitors can Brand New in the pool deck new letter "Spring Tapas".


11.00 From the project "e-women network" joins forces to success in the hotel lobby with the aim of promoting women entrepreneurship, meet women entrepreneurs and business in the province, provincial enterprise networks create, enhance associations and show its advantages, do "networking" among entrepreneurs provincial of the province and combat female unemployment.

The shows will feature exhibitors antequerana where entrepreneurs show their registered activities and participation is expected at between 60 and 70 companies, with 40 percent of Antequera and the rest of the province. Free workshops will also be organized, aimed at both entrepreneurs as to the general public on topics such as e-commerce, marketing, personal image management, coaching, social media, finance and entrepreneurship and the entire public is invited to enjoy the hotel lobby free this interesting entrepreneurship.


At 1800 hours the fashion show to benefit the Malagueña Assistance Foundation Cancer Patients "Antequera Fashion & Style" will be held in the rooms of the hotel and hand collections fashion stores as Tricks Antequera will be presented, Pepa Dominguez Pepa Well, Athena, La Casita del Zapato, Carlota, Jarola Jewels, La Casita de Lucía, Ocho and Orchestra. Also collaborate on the decoration florist Miriam, hairdressing Velez Eva Maria Teresa Molina and Susana Velasco, makeup Fani Porras Siles and Macarena Mayo. 36 models and 20 children will participate in a fashion show that will be coordinated by the Expert Field Bethlehem under the artistic direction of Gonzalo Casares. The price of donations for entries is 5 euros for adults and 2 euros for children up to 10 years and even tickets can be purchased at participating stores and at the reception of Hotel Antequera.


Throughout the day, and while all the proposed activities are performed, attendees will release the new menu "Spring Tapas" on the terrace and in the cafeteria of the Hotel Antequera. The tapas "barbecue", "land" and "casserole" will be the protagonists of the table, along with a cane, the price is 2 euros. For those who want to share buckets of beer, pitchers of sangria and tapas rebujito and 4, the price is only $ 7.


Also, this Saturday the installations are enlivened with music of all styles so do not miss the great atmosphere of this more than full Saturday at the Hotel Antequera spring starts with great force.





Antequera like every year is again present at the World Travel Market in London, held from 4 to 8 November and who have come into the booth Turismo Andaluz, where catering to visitors from around the world to inform developments and major attractions of the destination.


Antequera CEO Group, Ramón Jiménez, accompanied by commercial director of the brand, Alberto Orniay, promoted since last Monday the city of Antequera, the Hotel Convento La Magdalena *****, **** Hotel Antequera, The golf course of Antequera and the sports complex Bil Bil House of Benalmádena, a British tourism is on the rise and predisposed to go into the Costa del Sol


This year has increased the number of professionals seeking to convince the British that Andalusia has a diversity that allows to answer the demand to discover a new Andalusia in which to enjoy much more than sun and sand. According to Jimenez "the upward trend remains very positive new data and also for domestic tourism portend."



One issue discount where more work was done, according to Jimenez and Orniay, has been signed by the hotel group Antequera agreement and Hospital Chip Malaga to offer tour operators tourism packages and wellness, consisting of stays in Hotel Convento La Magdalena, five stars, in addition to practice healthy sport of golf, Antequera and Malaga cultural visits, and specific medical interventions in CHIP, which can range from cosmetic operations, treatments slimming, relaxation, or deep checkups.


Besides promoting the new sport of Footgolf, which began to develop in the field of Antequera few months ago, has not been left behind in the window of tourism offered by the resort, and has served for many tour operators from different parts of the world are interested in this new activity as attractive and innovative, combining football with golf, and that it is possible in the city of Antequera.



Over 400 lawyers and experts in commercial and bankruptcy law in Spain meet from today until Saturday at the Hotel Antequera, at the IX congress discussion thereof.


The event has just been opened by Andrew Calvo, First Deputy Mayor of Antequera and Juan Álvarez, Councillor for the Environment of the city, besides the president recognized Exfimer, Pablo Franco. Have also gone, as in every edition, specialists judges in commercial law and directors of Congress, Enrique Sanjuan and Fernando Caballero, the degree in commercial and vice Exfimer, Aurelio Wars, President of AT 11th Institute of Chartered Accounts of Spain, Eduardo Molina, President of the Andalusian Council of the College of Economists, Juan Carlos Robles and the Dean of the Bar Association of Antequera, José Manuel González.


The debates in Congress set cover topics such as the new liquidation processes, solutions to the bankruptcy settlement, credit in public administration in the contest or reintegration in cases of corporate groups. In addition, during the three days the organization has planned a series of round tables where influence certain aspects pertaining to commercial and bankruptcy law.


Tomorrow night the Hotel Convento La Magdalena de Antequera congressmen receive a special gala dinner where you will hand the plaques.


On Saturday this forum of great importance not only in Andalusia but also at the national level, which is nine years since its inception and has always chosen for the meeting facilities Antequera Golf Group closes. In this act the heart of this conference, Paul Franco, will be present also with the collaboration of many of the personalities who opened the conference.



Antequera Hotel's coffee shop this afternoon received over fifty attendees, between Antequera and English residents, excited about the new initiative "Coffee Chat, language exchange," a special workshop where all interested conversation can practice English or Spanish in addition to making new friends and exchange experiences.


The aim is that the English living in Antequera region and interested in improving their Spanish and the Antequera interested in improving their English, have a meeting place. To do this, Antequera offers its facilities such as the cafeteria or terrace.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 25, at 16.30.


Antequera remember that everyone is invited, regardless of age or level of English or Spanish. For more information please call 951 060 400, send an email to or check their facebook page.


Hotel Antequera within its national marketing process has made the important touroperado Serhs, representing numerous national and international agencies in their portfolio to incorporate the Antequera hotel company and meet the biggest attractions of the city of Antequera.


In this way and to check the quality of Antequera Group, responsible for Serhs last weekend stayed at the hotel within the established route that included numerous activities, including night visit to the Alcazaba and Collegiate


During his stay were invited to see the facilities that owns the resort and area of ​​Spa-Fitness, golf course, restaurants, meeting rooms and bodeguita and nightclub, accompanied by CEO Ramon Jimenez and commercial director of Antequera, Alberto Orniay.


The Sox Cities in the Centre of Andalusia, through Your brand history, and in collaboration with the city of Antequera, the Foundation had Serhs components, the Monumental Complex of the Alcazaba and the Collegiate Church of Antequera, attractive monuments invite to an experience with heritage, where visitors discover the history of the city in a unique and different way.


All present were treated to one of the products of the brand Your story, "Nights in the Alcazaba dream." An evening stroll through the grounds, along which it is narrated how life was at sunset on the Alcazaba, by the appearance of different characters of the time, ending the tour with a delicious dinner with local produce in the Refectory Restaurant Hotel Convento La Magdalena.


Hotel Antequera received last Friday, June 14, the "Sports Gala 2013" event in which paths and outstanding successes of athletes and clubs Antequera throughout the 2012-2013 season were recognized.


The mayor of Antequera, Manolo Baron, and the Deputy Mayor for Education and Sports, Alberto Vallespín, chaired the gala. After the ceremony a cocktail was held at the Pool Terrace Hotel Antequera.




Special Awards: a tennis player Marina Sierras.

Special Awards: Antequera Football Club.

Special Awards: Handball "Meridian Antequera".

Sports Prize Family: Riu.

Sportsman Award Promotion: Guillermo Stops Mazuela, football referee.

Best Coach: Vicente Ortiz Bermejo. He accepted the award with his crew.

Federated Best Athletes (Women): Teresa Vargas Gonzalez of The College Badminton Club.

Federated Best Athlete (Male): Fernando Villalon Spears, Cueva de Nerja Club Athletics and Triathlon Club Aquaslava.

Best Entity Collaborator: McDonald's "La Noria" of Antequera.

Best Sports Club: Club Swimming Antequera.

Antequerano Best Athlete of 2012/2013: Luis Jimenez Rueda, Antequera Swimming Club.


This morning it has signed an agreement between Antequera (manager of Bil Bil House complex), Xanit Hospital and International Association of Owners of Private Golf Benalmadena so that the respective groups of both companies can benefit some attractive prices.


The sealed with the signatures of the CEO of Antequera, Ramon Jimenez, the CEO and Managing Director of International Xanit Hospital, Mercedes Mengíbar, agreement and the president of the Association of Proprietors of Private Benalmadena Golf, Carlos Rubio, allowed from the Today the workers of the hospital complex can use the facilities of Bil Bil House and Antequera some preferential prices.


This agreement is part of the strategy of agreements implemented by Bil Bil House in order to strengthen relations with the most important entities that currently exist in the vicinity of the Costa del Sol


Over 700 football referees have gathered this morning of the VII Conference Update on Arbitration organized annually by the group in the Hotel Antequera. These days have been inaugurated with the presence of President of the Andalusian Federation Cup, Eduardo Herrera and Mayor of Antequera, Manuel Baron.


Joining them were present the President of the Andalusian Referee Technical Committee, Felipe Santos, the sports council of the City of Antequera, Alberto Vallespín, the referees Antequera, José Luis Romero and Mario Stops Melero, and the delegate of the sub-delegation of referees Antequera, José Toro.


This year the Andalusian Referee Technical Committee (CTAAF) and Arbitral Centre of Excellence (CETARA) as event organizers have prepared a list of top-level talks with the presence of Juan José Fernández Liano, trainer of the Technical Committee Referees (CTA); Carlos del Cerro Grande's First Division; Rubinos Antonio Perez, head of the Talents and Mentors Program; Pedro Hernández and Medina, former international assistant referee. During the conference, Fernandez Liano will be responsible for delivering the lecture on "Physical performance of football referee" while Del Cerro Grande offered the talk on "Body Language referees." At the same time, the presentation of Rubinos Pérez focus on "Development and current situation of Talents and Mentors Program" Hernández and Medina will speak on "Working the assistant referee." Also, the technical director of the Andalusian Soccer Referees Committee, Rafael Ramírez Domínguez, give a brief talk on the second edition of the Andalusian Campus arbitration, which will run from June 28 to July 1, 2013 at the premises of Antequera. To end the conference of Arbitration upgrade the speakers, along with Andalusian League referees will participate in a roundtable.


After the opening delivery of commemorative gifts Antequera city policies and sports officials who participated in this conference was held. Besides Joseph Gallardo trophy dedicated to the former president of the Delegation of Arbitrators and Malagueña already deceased was established. This year this was given by the widow of the delegate of Almeria exárbitro Referees Committee, Rafael Martinez.


The workshops were sponsored by Antequera, Malaga Provincial Council, Municipal Sports, Football Federation Andalusian, Andalusian Referee Technical Committee and CETARA.


Over 250 bikes attended last Saturday April 20 at the first Yamaha Xperience Andalusia at Hotel Convento La Magdalena de Antequera. The exclusively for owners of Yamaha motorcycles, event took place in a biker-friendly 100% and attendees could enjoy authentic Yamaha day.


In the morning, attendees participated in a Yamaha Andalucia Walking started in different brand dealers and ended up at the Hotel Convento La Magdalena. In the last section, several professional photographers captured the highlights of the route. Attendees can view and save their pictures through the official website of Yamaha Motor on Facebook.


Once the route, participants enjoyed a great barbecue in the courtyard, where lucky enough to enjoy an exhibition of Yamaha motorcycles and see the new Yamaha X-MAX, filed April 16 and first shown to the public at this event.


During the afternoon, a tribute was made to the older participants, who were able to show their bikes, some over 20 years, the other attendees. In addition, 3 draws a MOMO helmet, gloves and jacket Yamaha were performed.


Attendees also received a Welcome Pack with Yamaha gifts and enjoyed the performance of Adriano Lozano, a flamenco guitarist who has performed with Niña Pastori, Miguel Poveda and others.


The First Solidarity Meeting Companies - Ong's held on March 22 at the Hotel Antequera has managed to raise a total of 2,575 euros which will go to the social work that is currently underway Platform Partnership Antequera, and comprising mainly fundraising to the food bank in this town.


The delivery of the check in the amount raised by the representative of the Platform took place this morning with the mayor of Antequera, Manuel Baron, the Councillor for Citizen Participation, María Dolores Gómez, the president of the Solidarity Platform Antequera, Francisco Moreno, Volunteer Antequera, Fernando del Pino, CEO of Antequera, Ramon Jimenez and Red Cross representatives.


The event, unique in Spain, attended by over 200 people between employers and social partners, was attended by almost all the supportive institutional structure of Antequera: AEFAC, ADIPA, Platform for the Promotion of Volunteering AFEDAC, Red Cross Foundation Prolibertas, PROYDE, mastectomies Association of Antequera, Social Emmaus Diner, Manos Unidas, CALA Welcomes Málaga, Antequera by Mali, Crearte, Arca del Torcal, Refugio del Burrito, Project Man-Rise ... plus companies as the Centre for Tourist Initiatives, ACIA, Hojiblanca and AEC.


Malaga CF this afternoon was proclaimed champion of the First International Children's Cup held between Antequera facilities football fields Antequera and New Mauli, with the presence of several teams in the province, and two Japanese sets.


The Whites came together with all their stars to the tournament favorites and the same answer to the demands of the championship to win the final victory. The peculiarity of this cup has been the presence of the two non-exempt Japanese sets from Tokyo (Japan) that have a great eye candy to viewers who went to the stands to witness the championship since it was some quality teams and were physically at a high level.


The Wings Japanese teams are the subsidiary of one of the most successful clubs in the Far East: Tokyo Verdi. These teams are concentrated in the Hotel Antequera until March 30, according to good communication in this complex for a tour of the great capitals of Andalusia.


The team led by Jesus Javier Morán also point topped all awards championship trophies to getting top scorer goalkeeping and player of the tournament, relapsed in Sergio Diaz, Leon and Lucas Ligio Zuazua, respectively. This first International Cup was attended besides CF Antequera, Loja Lauxa CD Media and College Football Municipal de Mijas.


The final prize giving held at the Hotel Antequera Councilman Sports City of Antequera, Alberto Vallespín present was the organizer of the championship, Hiroyuki Hirahashi and CEO Antequera, Ramón Jiménez.


The tournament took place at an early stage with two groups of three teams faced as a league of which the runner was going to play the third and the first final. Third place was disputed Antequera CF and Wings, getting antequerano team victory on penalties, while the final played Málaga CF and CD Medina Lauxa to win by 2 goals to 0 for the whole of the Costa del Sol


The City of Antequera, the Malaga Football Federation and the Andalusian Referee Technical Committee have worked for the organization of this tournament has been a success.


The celebration of the First Meeting Supportive Services - Ong's held at Hotel Antequera and promoted by the Municipality of Antequera and Volunteers Platform Antequera has proved a success with over 200 people participating in it. It is a unique meeting held with these features for the first time in Spain.


The event, which was chaired by the mayor of Antequera, Manuel Baron, attended numerous authorities, including the Councillor for Citizen Participation, María Dolores Gómez, the representative of the Volunteers Platform, Fernando del Pino, and representatives of business sector as Esther Granados, president of the Association of Commerce and Industry of Antequera, Antonio Carmona, president of the homeowners Antequera Industrial Estate, Jorge Alegre, manager of the Center for Tourism Initiatives in Antequera, Lola Granados, of the Association Entrepreneurs Antequera, or Ramon Jimenez, CEO of Antequera.


Over fifteen NGO's representing all the supportive tissue of Antequera met in common union with employers in the city in a unique encounter that seeks mutual understanding of the social reality of both groups and the development and learning of them to find common ground that are beneficial to both companies and associations for social groups in the city.


Among the participating social entities AEFAC, ADIPA were, Platform for the Promotion of Volunteering AFEDAC, Red Cross, Prolibertas, PROYDE Foundation, the Association of Antequera mastectomies, Social Emmaus Diner, Manos Unidas, CALA, Malaga Shelter, Antequera Mali, Crearte, Arca del Torcal, Refugio del Burrito, Man-Rise Project ... companies as well as the Centre for Tourism Initiatives, ACIA, Hojiblanca and AEC.


The first meeting began with a welcome from the authorities who went to the presentation of José Joya, forming the Confederation of Malaga and businessman who offered his perspective about corporate social responsibility, encouraging all employers existing practice for the social good and your own company.


Later he went to a lounge area of ​​the Hotel Antequera Andalucia where exposure of different NGO's in town that wanted to show in this way the full potential of development that have occurred.


To end the event a solidarity dinner whose proceeds will be donated to the organization Solidarity Antequera (for food bank) took place.

Submitted holding R Cup Football International Children Antequera Golf to be held on March 27 in Antequera

The deputy mayor of Education and Sports City of Antequera, Alberto Vallespín and Group CEO Antequera Golf, Ramon Jimenez, presented this morning at the upcoming International Children's Cup Football Antequera Golf. Also present at the press conference of presentation the representative in Spain of the Japanese team that will participate in the tournament, Hiroyuki Hirahashi. This is the first edition of a tournament to be held on Wednesday 27 March in our city and will welcome the participation of the children's teams Football Club Antequera, Málaga Football Club, Mijas Sports Club, Sports Club of Medina Lauxa Loja and Wings Japanese subsidiary of Tokyo Verdi latter (joint most successful in the Japanese league).
The tournament will consist of a first phase of groups to be held between 10 am and 12:15 pm, while the third and fourth will be held at 14 pm and the final at 15:30. The qualifying round will be held both at Municipal Stadium "The Mauli" as to the field of Antequera Golf, while the finals will take place in full in "The Mauli". The tournament has the support and collaboration of Malaga Football Federation Technical Committee and Referee Andaluz Cup, being organized by the Antequera Golf Group in collaboration with the city of Antequera and the Municipal Sports.


Antequera Golf represented by its CEO, Ramon Jimenez, and complex commercial director, Alberto Orniay, were present during the last weekend in INVIVA Fair, the second largest in Germany, focused on offering people over 50 years the best health and wellness services.
The event, held specifically in the city of Nuremberg, also attended the Hospital managers CHIP Malaga, Juan Quero and Jesus Burgos, near Antequera Golf because it is a common project that began after the agreement signed at the last World Travel Market in London for the hotel group Antequera, the Hospital CHIP Málaga and Antequera Bucoodontos dental clinic offering from now to tour operators tourism packages health and beauty stays consistent in one to two weeks in Antequera Golf hotel, a four star hotel or Convento La Magdalena, five stars, and the practice of healthy sport of golf, cultural visits to Antequera and Malaga, and specific medical interventions on the chip, which can range from operations beauty, slimming treatments, relaxation, or deep checkups, and clinical Bucoodontos maxillofacial surgery, whitening or dental treatment.
Both Ramon Jimenez, CEO of Antequera Golf, like Jesus Burgos, CHIP Complex, are very satisfied with how the German market has received this new project and agree that it is time to continue to promote, in all countries where possible, this new healthy tourism which will make the Costa del Sol the ideal place to become the star of the health tourism in Europe.

The Hotel Antequera host 18 to March 21 Championship holding Spain Degree Courses 2013, which occurs for the third time in the history of Antequera.

The championship, which was presented today at the headquarters of the Rector of the University of Málaga, has enjoyed the presence of Maribel Calero, Vice-Chancellor of University Extension of Málaga, Peter Montiel, director of sports UMA, Ana María López, Vice-Rector Social Services, University of Sevilla, Jorge Thiriet, deputy director of sports university of Seville, Manuel Baron, Antequera mayor, Juan José Gómez-Raggio, secretary general of the Real Federación Andaluza de Golf y Eduardo Ferre, CEO of Antequera Golf.

During the same has been highlighted that there will be high competition in this year, since the Royal Spanish Golf Federation handicap has dropped 4 points to qualify to participate in it. In total there will be 48 male and 23 female participants. 6 of the 11 groups that have registered in the category computers belong to Andalusian universities, including Malaga.

Antequera received with optimism organizing this championship which adds to the previous or the World University Golf Championship in 2010 FISU words, was the best-organized college. In July also took place on UEFA European University Futsal Championship 2014 World University Futsal and Antequera will host in 2015 by the University of Granada some evidence of the Winter Universiade, as highlighted Antequera mayor in his speech.

Also presented the University Championships in Spain Paddle held in March the same dates at the University of Seville, within the collaboration that Malaga and Sevilla in the Campus of Excellence (Andalusia Tech) on the spot. This project will also allow Antequera enjoy this coming Monday and Tuesday holding the finals of UEFA Futsal Andalucía University.


Antequera Hotel on Monday signed an agreement with the pharmaceutical Cofarán that benefit all members of that cooperative big name at Malaga.
The agreement was sealed by the CEO of Antequera Hotel, Ramon Jimenez, president Cofarán, Leandro Martinez and CEO of the cooperative entity, Juan Carlos Carreira.
The agreement allows the cooperative partners enjoy this year Special prices in the sport of golf, and the possibility of a direct discount through acquisition Antequera  Hotel Card.
This fact has been to unite the good relations existing between the two companies that have already contributed to the organization of two championship golf courses, one in Antequera   Hotel and Golf Bil Bil ultimate recently.


Collective Nordic Swedes and residents on the Costa del Sol held in Hotel Antequera, a golf tournament involving about one hundred people.
Represented by Eckaerdt Metzner, members of this group enjoyed a splendid day of play yesterday, both in climate and the state of golf Antequera. The group also has stayed for two nights at the Hotel Antequera Golf which has served to relax in the resort's spa and taste the different menus that offer this facility.
In last night were treated to a flamenco show in the Bodeguita which then continued the party with karaoke.
This evening ended with the traditional activities awards. The satisfaction of both the organizer and the group in general is such that already are planning future editions.
Nordic Hispanic Association has more than 900 affiliate partners.


About 500 people enjoyed last Saturday of the Fourth Great Chain Nostalgia Festival held at the Hotel Antequera  undoubtedly a success by the quality of performers, presenters and audience participation.
After the delicious dinner hosted by Hotel Antequera  the audience was delighted by the best of brand nostalgia that came with all their artillery: April Pepe, Pepe Maroto, Carmen Diaz and Maria Robles, who surprised his loyal fans with the best hits of the past. All equipment of this station known entertained the gala party tonight with live coverage for all your stations spread throughout much of Spain.
Increasingly, those who join the party and thanks to the second big hit in Antequera Hotel very soon the company will organize the next celebration for all those who could not attend the February 2.
The station is specialized in the successes of the past four decades, both nationally and internationally. Thanks to its careful selection of music have achieved a very loyal audience, as all the songs that have been issued bestseller and number one in most of the international charts, thus making the listener is engaged to the station at any time of day or night.