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Easter in Antequera 2019

Easter is undoubtedly one of the times of the year in which the majority can take advantage of to travel, that is why we suggest you come to visit Antequera and participate in a celebration that is lived with great passion in this city that also offers culture, heritage, gastronomy and nature.

For lovers of Easter as a religious and heritage holiday, Antequera is the ideal place to enjoy it. In this exciting video you can see part of the beauty of this celebration that you can be part of.

As in many of the Easter procession parades in Andalusia, there are many antequerans who accompany the images dressed as Nazarenes and carrying tapers, crosses or behind the thrones as a promise.

The thrones are carried on the shoulder by the twin brothers, characterized by their clothing and by the use of "hairpins" to hold the throne when it is standing. In front of them is the Big Brother of Insignia who, standing in front of the pass, guides the brothers during the procession.

However, although Easter in Antequera shares characteristics with the celebration in other parts of Andalusia, it also has peculiarities worth living in first person. This is the case of the luxury bell-ringer, one of the central figures in this week, who is a boy or girl under the age of 8 who usually belongs to the brotherhood of the brotherhood, who go along with the Big Brother wearing an embroidered velvet robe in gold thread with long tail. Its mission is to ring some bells that warn that the throne is going to start walking, hence its name.

Another of the particularities that Antequera offers and that you can experience is the moment known as "running the fertile valley", which consists of running up the thrones of some brotherhoods along the steep slopes that, at the end of the processional route, lead to the headquarters temples of each brotherhood. Apparently, the traditional meaning of this custom was to bless, from the hills of the city, the fertile plains that were once the first source of wealth for the population.

But if you are not especially a lover of Easter as a religious holiday, Antequera offers many other attractions that you can enjoy on these holiday dates, such as the famous Caminito del Rey, for which we have offers with tickets included, take a route through El Torcal de Antequera, visiting the great cultural heritage of the city, cycling, visiting nearby wineries and a long etc.

From the Antequera Golf Group we offer you different types of accommodation: The 4-star Antequera Hotel, located in the center of the city so that you can enjoy the wonderful processions that will take place and the unique atmosphere on foot. But you can also choose the 5-star Hotel Convento la Magdalena , a little further away, surrounded by nature, where you can experience Easter but also go hiking, try traditional and luxury cuisine in our restaurant El Refectorio, etc.

For all this and much more, Antequera is the ideal destination to travel in Easter 2019, which will be from April 14 to 21, dates that are also conducive to enjoying spring, the environment and good weather.

And if you have doubts, when you arrive at our hotels, the reception staff will be happy to recommend activities and provide you with the necessary information to make your experience in Antequera unforgettable.


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