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Here are some tips so that you do not lack anything when doing the Caminito del Rey and that you can enjoy it.

The first thing to keep in mind is that to make the Caminito del Rey it is necessary to have an entrance to access it. It is a visit controlled by security and to avoid crowds that cloud the wonderful experience. If you stay at our 4 * Hotel Antequera we manage your entry in less than 24 hours and we also have a special Caminito del Rey promotion that includes accommodation, entrance, breakfast, lunch and spa circuit.

When preparing this experience you have to think about what you should carry in your backpack. It is important to bring water or energy drink, something to eat like chocolates, fruit or nuts, choose appropriate clothing for the temperature you are doing at the time (especially comfortable shoes) and we recommend bringing sunscreen and / or a hat to protect yourself from the sun (especially in summer time).

If you have vertigo or reduced mobility, we do not recommend you to do this activity, which, as we indicated, although it is not dangerous because the path is well enabled, it does require some skill and its height makes it counterproductive for people who suffer in the heights.

For the return after making the Caminito del Rey it is very important to keep in mind that the route is linear, not circular, which means that you must ensure the return to the starting point by your own means. But do not worry because it is simple, there is a shuttle bus service between the north access (Ardales) and the south (El Chorro, Álora) or vice versa that makes it easy for visitors to get to their starting point. For more information on schedules and tours, consult the attached document or ask at our reception, where our staff will be happy to help you and answer all your questions.

Once you enter the walkway of the path, you will not find spaces for eating, so you must either have lunch before or after starting the path, or bring food to take along the way. You can plan this according to the time you are going to visit. And although it may seem like a trivial warning, we also like to remind our clients that there are no bathroom areas during the tour.

Finally, it seems important to remind you of some prohibitions to keep in mind:

Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to enter or children cannot be held in their arms, so if they are not of age or have the capacity to take the tour, it is not recommended that they come… they should wait a few years to enjoy it!

Backpacks or bags should not be very bulky and you cannot use selfie sticks because it hinders the transit of visitors, especially at certain points along the way. Therefore, it is also not possible to enter with a baby carriage, baby backpacks, wheelchairs or with any accessory that could hinder a possible evacuation.

You cannot do the tour with flip flops, barefoot or of course with heels. Take into account the difficulty and danger of the tour!

It is also not allowed to use umbrellas so, if you are going to visit in rainy weather, it is highly advisable to bring a raincoat.

You cannot light fires, smoke any kind of substance or drink alcoholic beverages during the tour. For the safety of visitors, the Caminito del Rey has rules such as not leaving the route enabled, heeding security warnings, entering canal tunnels, going with animals and bathing in the river and its ponds.

And of course there are basic rules for the conservation of this space such as not plucking plants, not doing graffiti, not damaging rocks and other geological elements ... In general, it is about having a little common sense and enjoying the experience without damaging a space so unique that it has taken thousands of years to acquire that aspect that makes it unique.

And if you have any questions, you can ask at the entrance, look for it on the official website of the Caminito del Rey or contact the organization so that they can inform you with greater precision.


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