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Rock of lovers, also known as El Indio

When approaching Antequera by road or train, the mountain known as El Indio begins to be seen as it has the shape of a man's head looking at the sky. This image predicts that we are coming to this city and contains a beautiful and romantic legend inspired by the Middle Ages and which became known in the Golden Age that has given it the name of "Peña de los enamorados".

Legend has it that Tello, a Christian who was held captive in Granada, fell head over heels in love with a beautiful blackberry from Archidona called Tagzona. She was the daughter of a president of the town where Tello was imprisoned and one day, out of curiosity, he went down to visit the dungeons. There, with a single glance, they fall in love and decide to flee with all the risk that this entailed, since at that time it was forbidden to marry couples of different beliefs.

In flight, they reached the Christian lands of Antequera, but were discovered by the young woman's father, who sent his men to arrest them. Anguished but in love, they climbed the rock shaped like an Indian's head and, seeing themselves cornered by their persecutors and without escape, once again with a single glance, they decided that they would rather die together than live apart. Embraced, they threw themselves into the void from the top of the mountain that since then has been known as "Peña de los Enamorados" in honor of this love story of Tello and Tagzona.

For the more adventurous lovers, it is possible to make a route up to the "Peña de los Enamorados", although it has some difficulty because the path is not completely signposted and because there is part to be done using both hands, climbing lightly because you have to climb up stone slopes. Here we leave you a link with the experience of some visitors who have already done it. We recommend consulting the Antequera tourist information point located in the Parking Plaza de Castilla, the email is info@clisamalaga.com and the contact telephone numbers are 952 84 21 10 and 952 84 09 49.

However, the Peña de los Enamorados can not only be enjoyed climbing it, it can also be seen from many points in the city of Antequera, where you can see it with all the comfort. From almost any high point of the city, wherever you go up, the image of the Indian looking at the sky is present.

A great option to see it is to go up to any of the viewpoints in the city, such as the Mirados de las Almenillas. This space, which turns its back on the Arco de los Gigantes, opens onto one of the most impressive panoramic views of Antequera. In it you can see the impressive number of churches, bell towers, towers and palaces that have been built for four centuries and, of course, it has one of the most impressive views of the Peña de los Enamorados.

And if you want to enjoy the view of the Peña de los enamorados with all the comfort, sitting enjoying a wine and the best gastronomy, our golf course is undoubtedly the ideal place. In our restaurant terrace we offer you a complete gastronomic proposal, a luxury service and an environment with an atmosphere but relaxed surrounded by the incomparable surroundings of our ecological golf course, where we respect and care for native fauna and flora.

And if you want to enjoy a romantic getaway to Antequera, where as you will see, there is heritage, history and nature to make your trip an unforgettable moment, we recommend our 4-star Hotel Antequera in the heart of the city or our Hotel Convento la Magdalena 5 stars to enjoy all the luxury of details further away from the city, at the foot of the Torcal de Antequera.


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